About us.

Pakistan is truly a rare land, home to different civilizations and diverse cultures. It was here in the verdant plains of Punjab one and a half decade ago, that a small movement began to bring the wholesome purity of nature back into the home and heart. A movement that lives by the spirit of Pakistan. A movement that is KTC Pakistan processing, packaging and marketing of Pakistan Tea specialties has not always been a Standardized affair. At the core of the group’s success is the sincerity and dedication of its team of highly qualified technical, financial and marketing expert.

Shared Values:

  • Continually challenging how we work with the environment, our people and our communities, and scrutinising day to day business decisions to make sure that we are accounting for long-term sustainability and not only for short-term profit.
  • Regularly working with all business associates who affect, or can be affected by the company’s actions so that we understand them and are sensitive to their views and requirements.
  • Ensuring that we comply industry and international standards.
  • Giving the environment, society and our own economic development equal share in our strategic planning.
  • Promoting good practice in our areas of expertise, in the community, amongst our peers and throughout our supply chain management.

Our Mission:

Our main goal is to produce the most reliable and valuable products and services and to build core competency in blending and packaging technology. To increase sales in our existing markets, we focus on providing our customers with better value and to penetrate new strategic business areas.

Our Some Special Blends

Tez Chai

Karak Blend

Kass Chai

Premium Blend

Kacheri Chai

Gold Blend Dust

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