Quality Control

The art of Blending

Everyone has their favourite tea, appreciated for its unique taste and aroma. The secret of consistent high quality lies in tea blending.

Blending tea gives it subtle tones and flavours,No two teas are ever the same, even if they’re from the same estate.

Tea plucked and manufactured on a wet day, for example, is different from that produced on a dry day.

The quality of tea varies enormously according to country of origin, weather conditions, altitudes and the structure and quality of the soil.


KTC PAKISTAN has always sought to be quality and value driven organization. These values continue to direct the group & growth and business strategies. Integrity and excellence are the core values that we follow in supplying and packaging of products. We conduct our business fairly, with authenticity and transparency. The immense success of our products clearly speaks about the status and stringent quality measures taken by our company. The packaging department ensures the use of latest packaging machine and technology. KTC Pakistan good quality tea relishes its healing properties that when used for long term brings health and vitality to the body and soul. We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible quality standards in our day-to-day work.

KTC Pakistan is well appreciated for its quality and hygienically packaging of products and use latest packing machines that seal in the freshness, taste, aroma and flavor of the tea. The well-packed products maintain the medicinal value and thus are good for health. The task of packaging is carried out at us by using world-class packaging machines that protect the products from exposure to humidity, temperature, light, oxygen and odor that are the root causes of quality loss.

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